…but isn’t it more amusing to think that this is Wyclef Jean’s Latin Works? Like maybe from his high school Latin class.


So, about the orange book…

February 19, 2011

Just based on my experience with America, I feel like this should be a much slimmer volume…


February 17, 2011

So the 2 rows of shelves that I pass through most often are Religion and Psychology, which makes me wonder if someone trying to tell me something.

This book seems like it combines both those concepts:

It actually sounds like quite the page- turner.

Because being naked and unaware…well, therein lies the road to ruin.

And when it comes to other people’s nakedness (depending on venue and proximity, of course)…that’s not really the kind of thing you should ignore either.

Naked Awareness should totally be a thing. Like Carl, the mini-mart manager on Family Guy. He knows which actresses get naked in any given movie, as well as exactly when said nudity occurs. That guy totally has naked awareness.

And on an unrelated note (other than in the photo above, that is), what is Compassion Yoga? I’m picturing a woman who is upset, maybe alone and crying on a park bench, and some dude comes up and starts doing yoga at her. You know, in a compassionate way. To make her feel better. As you do…

Nobody wears hats anymore

February 15, 2011

So, this title really doesn’t give me a lot of insight into the subject matter of this book

Is it some sort of rumination on the evils of haberdasheries? Are we talking real hat or metaphorical hat? And how exactly can a hat be lewd? It’s all so mysterious.

Of course, now I’m picturing a red-devil, Beelzebub type dude in a sharp Rat Pack-looking suit and hat– toothpick in his mouth, maybe flipping a coin and leaning up against a lamppost. (Apparently, the Antichrist in my mind is starring in a 1940s gangster flick.  Or he’s like Sky Masterson or somebody.)  But, in terms of the hat, I’m just seeing a normal 1940s style lid–a fedora, perhaps — which is not in any way lewd. I mean, really…what is a lewd hat?

All I can come up with is maybe some kind of trucker hat with an obscene message on it (like Frank on 30 Rock is always wearing), but that doesn’t square with my brain’s Antichrist-is-a-hep-cat image.  I guess he’s actually either a redneck or an ironic hipster.


(also, to the yellow book to the left…I like to think that during the reign of this Elizabeth, at least some tolerance is practiced.  Although, I’m not above an off-with-their-heads style smack down when it’s called for.  I’m benevolent like that.)

This seems…really specific

February 15, 2011

Also, did somebody just like write the title on the spine with one of those white-out pens? It’s got a very do-it-yourself vibe.

None taken

February 14, 2011

Or maybe it’s a tale about a particularly low scoring football game.

It happens a lot that one title catches my eye and then I notice that there’s an even better one living right next door.  Like in this instance, when I first spotted “Daydreaming in Humans and Machines”  which struck me as odd.  Do machines daydream?  Really? And if so, is it of electric sheep, as we have been led to believe?

Then I noticed the little black and red number to the left.

It’s a bit hard to make out, but that would be a tome entitled “The Do-it-Yourself Lobotomy.”  Even speaking metaphorically, that just really sounds like a bad idea…

Mmm…sexy brains

February 14, 2011

Originally, the dot-dot-dot in the Androgyny title caught my eye, then I noticed the amazing title just to the right. My first thought, “that must be what horny zombies eat”

I do love a good oxymoron

February 14, 2011

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