Or perhaps it’s a story of star-crossed love.



Or, maybe he’s thankful.



They certainly are

March 8, 2012


But, I’m not sure that everyone can pull them off…

Hi again

March 8, 2012

Well hello there.  Remember when I had a weird obsession with the books I pass by daily and felt the need to express that in a goofy little blog? No? Well, no matter.  Anyway I stopped doing it for a while back for several reasons.  One was that they were shifting the books around in the library, so instead of looking like the photo above, the area around my office looked like this:



But, the books have actually been back for quite a while now, which leads me to my second and more legitimately true reason for my absence: I am ridiculous lazy and often am a useless, no-good layabout when it comes to actually keeping up with stuff like this.  Alas, sad but true.  But, I’ve seen the error of my ways (and also WordPress seems to have a new interface that makes posting a lot less of a pain in the ass), so let’s try again, shall we?  Hooray!

An aside: the books outside my office used to be mostly religion and psychology.  Now, they are all WWII and European History.  Does that mean anything?

Whack for my daddy-o

May 11, 2011

You see, whiskey is just a gateway drug

Nice font selection

May 4, 2011


It makes the assassins seem particularly murder-y.

I mean, it’s all shiny, happy, pretty colors and pots of gold until Roy G. Biv sneaks up behind you with a shiv.

Alas, life is hard

May 2, 2011

Sometimes, you have to settle for merely being a princess.

This seemed particularly relevant with the recent royal nuptials.  Hopefully Kate will find a way to muddle through.

But then I was like, ‘Nebraska is really far away.  And it’s so flat.  And there’s all that corn.  Plus, I’m kind of tired.  And there’s really a lot of stuff I should be doing around the house…’