So, I got this job in the library.  And my office is kind of back up in the stacks, as are a lot of the offices.  As a result, I spend a lot of time cutting through the various rows of books to get to other offices or to the elevator, or to wherever I happen to be going.  And from the moment I started doing that, I began notice some of the titles that went flashing past as went about my wanderings.  I couldn’t help it, it’s damn near impossible not to. There is an amazing assortment and I can’t seem to stop looking at them.  It’s actually kind of a problem, because I have to leave my office approximately 50 times a day, and every trip, a new title catches my eye. And there’s like 20 different rows I could walk down, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. And, whenever I see a good one,  have to take a picture of it right then, because I’ve discovered that it’s almost impossible to find the same book on a return trip.  Yet another reason to be thankful for the iPhone.  So now, I share them with you.  Enjoy!


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