All I can picture is that Simpsons’ episode where Krusty the Clown’s show gets cancelled, so they stage a big, celebrity-filled comeback special featuring Krusty’s worthless half-brother, Luke Perry.  While filling-in for Sideshow Mel, he gets shot out of a cannon, flies out the window, and through both the Museum of Sandpaper and the Quickie Mart’s display of half-price jars of acid, screaming “my face, my valuable face!”


Really, kind of a lot not like them.

So, does the Library of Congress just have a “Bob” category that it throws them all into? I didn’t check to see who else might be represented. Graham? Hope? Barker? Geldof? Eubanks? Newhart? Dobbs? Silent?

You just know it would have some juicy Oprah stories in it.

Also, I think he should make people call him Stead the Man. You know, with Oprah’s money, he could probably pull that off. He could certainly do better than Michael Jackson did at getting everyone to refer to him as “the king of pop”

Copyright 1927, FYI. Although, the magic of the Internet tells me that two 1927 dollars equals about 25 bucks today, which is still some extremely thrifty travel. In fact, I don’t think you could actually do any European traveling for that today (especially with the strong Euro), unless your hotel was of the tent/park bench/stranger’s couch variety. These days, I think you have to stick with the third world for super budget travel.

For my feel–good, buddy cop comedy/drama. Nick Eros is a hot-headed young rookie who leaps before he looks. Jack Irony is a wisecracking veteran who’s seen it all before. Together, they’re going to clean up this town.

It’s a day late…

March 22, 2011

…but I’m going to guess that this is what the atmosphere was like at Sunday’s FSU v. Notre Dame NCAA tournament basketball game:

You know, like part-way through the first half. Right as the predominately Irish-backing crowd started to realize that, for some reason, the Seminoles had decided to play offense as well as defense for a change.

And look at that, it’s an entry for book-lovers and sports-lovers alike.



But we certainly have a lot of them.

Or does that only apply to Vegas, and not all of Nevada?

In my head, this book contains the following information: Chapter 1: desert. Chapter 2: gambling.

Judging from the tools on the spine, there’s also probably chapters on mining or prospecting, or perhaps that represents the info about mafia whackings and desert body disposal. And I guess you would also have to include whores in there somewhere. And a bit about the Rat Pack, and the latter-years, drug-addled, rhinestone-jumpsuited Elvis. And quickie marriages/divorces. And shows with sparkly showgirls and aging pop singers. Such a rich, rich history…

All the crime in the world? That seems off. I mean, I think America alone could fill an entire shelf.

And who came up with the number 301? Like, he just start writing a list, and when he got to 301 he was like “that’s it. I’m totally out of ideas. 301 it is.” Personally, I would have tossed out one of the weaker ones to make it an even 300. I think those of you with OCD would thank me.

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